Inherited Traits & Mutations

  • Insights Into the Genetic Causes of Disease

    Our genetic code is not without a number of mutations. We are either born with them or acquire them during life. While most are benign others can cause disease and genetic disorders. This guide explores the genetic underpinnings of many medical disorders...
    By  Emma Lloyd September 21, 2011 

  • An Overview of Cleft Chin: What is it and What Causes It?

    A cleft chin, also known as a dimpled chin, is a distinctive facial characteristic. Learn how this feature is caused or inherited.
    By Paul Arnold September 9, 2011 

  • Types of Human Genetic Disorders

    Genetic disorders are diseases or conditions that are caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes. Some are known at birth, whilst others make an appearance later in life.
    By Rafael August 18, 2011 

  • Genetic Abnormalities Found in People of Cuban Descent

    Cuba is one of the world's healthiest nations. Unfortunately, however, despite this overall good health, Cubans are not immune from suffering from genetic conditions. This article reviews prevalent genetic abnormalities in Cuban people and also highlights...
    By bjlbyron July 13, 2011 

  • Hemophilia Treatment and Therapies

    Hemophilia is a genetic disorder that restricts the body's ability to clot blood. In its most severe form even something as trivial as a minor injury can lead to death.
    By Rafael July 13, 2011 

  • Studying Human Inheritance: Adoption Studies

    Adoption studies are often used to understand human inheritance mechanisms, allowing researchers to separate genetic and environmental effects. This article discusses how these studies are performed and gives two examples.
    By Finn Orfano July 5, 2011 

  • Learn About the Genetic Mutations Involved in Dent's Disease

    Dent's disease is a rare kidney disorder that is genetically inherited and causes a number of problems in affected individuals, including increased incidence of kidney stones and sometimes even renal failure. This article provides a review of the...
    By bjlbyron June 30, 2011 

  • Nail Patella Syndrome Overview

    Nail patella syndrome is a rare hereditary condition that causes complications with the nails, skin, kidneys, and eyes. The bones and joints are often affected by the condition as well. This condition can produce painful complications that require treatment...
    By AlyssaAst June 29, 2011 

  • Human Genetic Mutations: Just How Many Mutations Are There?

    It was JBS Haldane, one of the founders of modern genetics who speculated in 1935 that we would each have 150 new genetic mutations in our DNA. It turns out that he was in the right neighbourhood as the actual number of human genetic mutations each generation...
    By Paul Arnold June 28, 2011 

  • Heritable And ‘Plastic’ Intelligence: Can You Improve On Nature?

    How much of intelligence is inherited, and how much is down to environmental factors? Is the environmental component 'plastic' to any degree? Can you do anything to improve your 'Intelligence Quotient'? According to some researchers...
    By Ollie Hicks June 28, 2011 
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