Inherited Traits, Mutations, DNA & Genes

Ever wonder where you got your blue eyes or red hair? What DNA traits dictate freckles or dimples? Read all about your inherited traits, DNA and genes as well as fascinating articles on mutations and mutated chromosomes.

All About Human Genetic Disorders

Our genetic code is not without a number of mutations. We are either born with them or acquire them during life. While most are benign others can cause disease and genetic disorders. This guide explores the genetic underpinnings of many medical disorders.

Is Missing Ear Cartilage Genetic? The Genetics of Ear Cartilage

Missing ear cartilage or scientifically termed as microtia is one of the top ear deformities among newborn infants. In most cases, the genetics of ear cartilage plays a significant part. This information will take a closer look at the missing ear cartilage genetic influence on such occurrences.

Twin Studies and Human Heritability

Twin studies are an often used method to study human heritability. The notion of concordance allows to distinguish between genetic and environmental influences on a trait. Read more here.