Genomic Research

  • Developing Insights into Short Stature

    One of the major causes of short stature is a mutated SHOX gene. Understanding how mutations of the gene and its regulatory regions cause restricted growth could lead to improved methods of diagnosing short stature and new treatments.
    By Paul Arnold November 24, 2009 

  • How to Clone a Woolly Mammoth

    You have a few million dollars, your own laboratory, and a burning desire to bring an extinct species (such as a woolly mammoth) back from the dead. There aren't any manuals, guide books or diagrams, so just how do you do it?
    By Paul Arnold November 24, 2009 

  • Causes of the 1918 Flu Epidemic

    The 1918 flu virus devastated the world, killing between 20 million and 50 million people. Its lethal nature caused more deaths than the bombs and bullets of World War 1. Scientists are trying figure out what made it so deadly, in the hope of preventing...
    By Paul Arnold November 24, 2009 

  • How to Cure the Common Cold

    A cure for the common cold has so far eluded the best brains that science has to offer. However, through the power of genetics, researchers are moving ever closer towards creating an effective treatment for those suffering from the effects of the cold...
    By Paul Arnold November 24, 2009 

  • Kuru Disease Mutations and Brain Diseases

    A cannibalistic ritual could hold the key to tackling brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and the human form of mad cow disease, as well as providing scientists with a fantastic example of natural selection at work.
    By Paul Arnold November 22, 2009 

  • What is Kuru Disease?

    Kuru is a progressive and fatal neurological disorder which reached epidemic proportions amongst the Fore People of Papua New Guinea in the 1950s. It is a prion disease that was caused by eating the brains of recently deceased people.
    By Paul Arnold November 22, 2009 

  • Is Homosexuality Genetic?

    There is no clear cut answer to the origin of homosexual behaviour. Currently the consensus is leaning towards a largely genetic basis with a few environmental variables thrown in. It appears there is no single gay gene and no single environmental variable...
    By Victoria Trix November 21, 2009 

  • Facts about Human Genetics

    The field of human genetics is vast, and encompasses many disciplines such as, population genetics, and developmental genetics. It's basically summed up as any aspect of research that looks at how we work at the molecular level.
    By Paul Arnold November 20, 2009 

  • Nature vs Nurture of a Criminal Mind

    A murderer with a ‘gene for aggression’ had his sentence cut short by a judge in Italy, even though the link between genes and bad behaviour is not well understood, least of all by the courts. It poses a tricky question; should genetics...
    By Paul Arnold November 20, 2009 

  • What Makes a Spider's Web Sticky?

    A web is an efficient means for a spider to catch its prey. The arachnid does not have to search too far for a meal as readymade dinners get trapped in the web's sticky stands. What helps to keep them there is an aqueous solution that is one of the...
    By Paul Arnold November 18, 2009 
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