Basics of Genetics: Genetic Information

Articles about basic genetic concepts belong in this topic.

Timeline of DNA History

This timeline of DNA history presents key discoveries in genetics including Gregory Mendel’s work on peas, James Watson and Francis Crick’s model of DNA, genetic engineering, and the human genome project.

Mitochondrial DNA and Human Evolution

Within an eukaryotic cell, there are organelles that carry their own DNA, such as mitochondria. This DNA can be used for all kinds of research, with the example of the link between mitochondrial DNA and human evolution, which is discussed here.

Codominance Examples in Genetics

Alleles are not just dominant or recessive, there are more interactions possible. We’ll discuss codominance in genetics and provides some examples of human codominance. Furthermore, the importance of the phenotype level is explained.

All About The Genetics Of The Bumblebee Ball Python

Bumblebee ball pythons are popular pets among reptile owners. If you are interested in obtaining one, there is no need looking around outside as they cannot be found in the wild. Instead, they must be generated by snake breeders. Find out about the genetics of a bumblebee ball python here.

Links Between Birth Order and Language Development

Birth order and its impact on a child’s personality and development has been the subject of study since 1874. Researchers agree that there are links between birth order and language development, although they differ on how those links play out with laterborn children in the family setting.

Study of Telomere Length and Canis Familiaris

Discover telomere length and canis familiaris facts. Telemore legnth is closely associated with the age of the individuals. The enzyme complex dogTERT in Canis familiaris shows great resemblance with human TERT protein.

Black and Blue Chicken Genetics

A lot of deviations from Mendel’s laws have been discovered. In this article, one of those, incomplete dominance, will be explained. The concept will be illustrated with the feather color and genetics of black and blue chickens as an example.

Meiosis and Gamete Formation

How does meiosis allow DNA to be divided into gametes? Learn all about this process, and the less-apparent benefits of sexual reproduction as opposed to asexual reproduction.

Oncogenes: What are They?

Oncogenes are mutant forms of normal human genes which, if not regulated, can trigger a cell to grow and divide uncontrollably. The formation of tumors, and the cancer that results, usually require multiple mutations. Some will be oncogenes, which activate growth processes in the cell.