Basics of Genetics: Genetic Information

Articles about basic genetic concepts belong in this topic.

What You Should Know About Proteins

Proteins are one of the major building blocks of life, without which there would be no life as we know it. Want to brush up on your knowledge of proteins? These articles will give you an insight into how and where proteins are made, what they do, and how they are used in science and industry.

An Overview Of Several Common Genetic Research Tools

Just ten years removed from the sequencing of the entire human genome, we have entered a golden era of genetics. Indeed, genetic discoveries are being made at a furious pace in laboratories throughout the world. Read on to learn about common, important genetic research tools and how they are used.

Human Mitochondrial Genetics

Most eukaryotic cells possess organelles known as mitochondria. These mitochondria are quite special, due to the nature of the DNA they contain. This article discusses human mitochondrial genetics and its possible uses.

Definition of Genetic Variability

What is genetic variability and how is it different from genetic variation? This article provides a definition of genetic variability, explains the difference with variation and details the significance of the concept.

What is Red-Green Color Blindness?

Color blindness is the inability to perceive differences between some specific colors that others can distinguish. Red-green color blindness is most common. Read the following article and learn more about the genetic causes of color vision deficiency.

Genetic Algorithm Applications

Genetic algorithms are search techniques used in computer science, based on organic evolution. This article discusses some of the genetic algorithm applications that can be used in various fields.

What is Degeneracy of the Genetic Code?

It isn’t that the genetic code is morally bankrupt. Degeneracy just means that some amino acids have more than one nucleotide codon specifying them during protein synthesis. Learn the details below.

Cat Coat Genetics

The coat of a cat is determined by a variety of genes that interact closely with each other. This article details the cat coat genetics and lists genes responsible for color, color patterns and fur length.

Features of Watson and Crick Model of DNA

Watson and Crick Model of DNA is the basis of genetics and the applied sciences. Both the scientists and their coworkers got Nobel Prize in 1962 for their commendable work. Read the following article and learn the basic features of Watson and Crick Model of DNA.