DNA & Genetic Testing

  • Types of Microbes in the Soil

    Microbes are countless and are found virtually everywhere. They have major roles in the environment, including the soil.
    By DulceCorazon December 24, 2009 

  • Key Facts About Microbes

    Microbes are microscopic living organisms. They are ubiquitous in nature, meaning they are present everywhere and yet they are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Learn more about the microbe world with the key facts presented below.
    By DulceCorazon December 24, 2009 

  • Basic Genetics FAQ

    Genetics is a fascinating, powerful, and inspirational subject. To help you make the most of some of the articles on the Bright Hub Genetics Channel we've compiled a Basics Genetics FAQ.
    By Rafael December 13, 2009 

  • DNA Fingerprinting: Three Innovative Uses

    DNA Fingerprinting has been successfully used to hunt down hundreds of criminals. First employed in the courtroom more than 20 years ago, it's now an integral crime fighting tool. But it has had other uses too, including the tagging of Super Bowl...
    By Paul Arnold December 13, 2009 

  • How is Mitochondrial DNA Used in Forensics?

    In the hunt for criminals, investigators leave no part of the cell unturned. It’s not only nuclear DNA that’s employed in DNA fingerprinting; the genetic material that’s found inside mitochondria can also be used to track down a...
    By Paul Arnold December 11, 2009 

  • How DNA Fingerprinting Can Solve Crimes

    No matter how meticulous or clever the criminal, there is usually some evidence left behind at a crime scene. There may be no smoking gun, but what there is can give police plenty of information for their investigation. The evidence doesn’t need...
    By Paul Arnold December 11, 2009 

  • How DNA Fingerprinting Works: It's First Ever Use

    The landmark 'DNA fingerprinting' paper by Sir Alec Jeffreys was published in Nature in 1985. The technology was used for the first time shortly after it appeared in the prestigious science journal. It helped to solve an immigration dispute.
    By Paul Arnold December 11, 2009 

  • DNA Fingerprinting

    DNA fingerprinting has revolutionized crime fighting; a few cells are all that is needed to trap a criminal. The technology is also used to resolve paternity issues, immigration disputes, identify victims of war, and authenticate the claims for cloned...
    By Paul Arnold December 11, 2009 

  • Control of Gene Expression

    Did you know that not all pages from the genetic Book of Life need to be read at all times? While the Book of Life carries all information for life, there is a fine regulatory system that defines what information is needed and when it should be manifested!...
    By Balachandar Radhakrishnan December 8, 2009 

  • PGD: Embryo Screening for Genetic Diseases

    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a way of screening an embryo produced by IVF. It takes place before implantation to search for genetic mutations that could develop into a chronic disease. The aim is to select an embryo that is free...
    By Paul Arnold December 5, 2009 
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