Genetic Engineering

  • Ralph: The World's First Cloned Rat

    To many they're vermin, and less salubrious neighbourhoods can be overcome by them. So it might seem strange that scientists would want to clone a rat. But Ralph's creation was a significant achievement.
    By Paul Arnold September 11, 2009 

  • Prometea: The World's First Cloned Horse

    Unveiled in Italy in 2003, Prometea was the world's first cloned horse. The female foal was the only one to survive to birth out of 841 embryos that were created.
    By Paul Arnold September 11, 2009 

  • Animal Cloning: Meet Snuppy,The World's First Cloned Dog

    Snuppy, the world's first cloned dog was created by South Korean scientists in 2005. In May 2008 the Afghan hound became a father after a canine breeding programme that involved only cloned canines.
    By Paul Arnold September 10, 2009 

  • Dr French Anderson and Gene Therapy

    Dr. F. Anderson is one of the most famous personalities in science. He was a pioneer of human gene therapy and conducted the first human gene therapy trial. He is also widely known as the father of gene therapy.
    By Balachandar Radhakrishnan September 9, 2009 

  • What is Gene Therapy?

    Gene therapy is a technique that introduces an altered gene into a person's body to carry out the work of a mulfunctioning gene. The procedure aims to treat or cure diseases that have been caused by faulty genes.
    By Rafael September 9, 2009 

  • How Dolly the Sheep Changed Genetics Forever

    The birth of Dolly the sheep completely changed the field of genetics and science as a whole. Although she died prematurely, her life left a lasting legacy.
    By Victoria Trix September 4, 2009 

  • The Process of Cloning: FAQ

    The process of cloning is a controversial and emotive research enterprise, but one that has practical applications in agriculture, genetics, and medicine. Find out more about human and animal cloning, reproductive cloning and how cloning is done in our...
    By Rafael September 4, 2009 

  • Genetically Modified Tomatoes May Boost Health

    Scientists have created a genetically modified tomato that has been shown to extend the lifespans of mice with cancer. It offers the prospect of creating a fruit that is rich in even more properties that are beneficial to health.
    By Paul Arnold September 3, 2009 

  • Clones from Frozen Mice

    In another milestone for cloning technology, Japanese researchers have managed to clone mice using cells that had been frozen 16 years ago. It could pave the way for extinct species to be brought back to life.
    By Paul Arnold September 3, 2009 

  • Why Create Transgenic Animals?

    A transgenic animal is one that has had its DNA manipulated to express a foreign gene supplied by another organism. Transgenic rats, rabbits, pigs, sheep, cows and fish have all been produced for a wide range of applications in medicine, industry and...
    By Paul Arnold September 3, 2009 
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