Genetic Engineering & Gene Manipulation

Learn about genetic engineering, gene manipulation and modification acheived by molecular cloning and transformation. You’ll also find discussions on the health of genetically modified foods and the ethics behind cloning and human genetic engineering.

What is genetic variation?

Genetic variation is considered to be the raw material of evolutionary change. Without it a species cannot change in response to changes in the environment. This article looks at how it happens; from mutation through to genetic shuffling, and the effect it has on species.

Pet Cloning Controversy and the Risks of Animal Cloning

Some believe that it’s a chance to be reunited with their dead pets. To others this kind of genetic manipulation is an abomination. A South Korean company has created the world’s first commercially cloned dog. This article looks at the science, controversy and ethics surrounding pet cloning.

Biotechnology Applications in Pharmacology

The development of new techniques in molecular biology has allowed for increasingly sophisticated methods of developing pharmaceuticals, such as pharmacogenomics, which uses principles of human genetics and rational drug design to produce more effective drugs with fewer harmful side effects.