Genetic Engineering & Gene Manipulation

Learn about genetic engineering, gene manipulation and modification acheived by molecular cloning and transformation. You’ll also find discussions on the health of genetically modified foods and the ethics behind cloning and human genetic engineering.

An Introduction to Psoriasis Gene Therapy

Some genes have been found to be responsible for psoriasis, an autoimmune skin disease. Gene therapy could be the right treatment for the disease. This article discusses whether psoriasis gene therapy is available or not.

The Pros of Gene Therapy

Everyone carries roughly half a dozen of defective genes, but stay blissfully ignorant of the fact until learning that they suffer from a genetic disease. Gene therapy is one of the potential treatment methods. Learn more about the pros of gene therapy.

The Prevention of Disease Through Genetic Engineering

The prevention of disease through genetic engineering is one of the major goals of different researches all over the world. As of the present time, gene therapy, the technique of correcting defective genes responsible for disease development, hopes to prevent life-threatening disease.

How Does Genetic Engineering Work?

In modern biotechnology, there are various applications of genetic engineering. How does genetic engineering work? Read the following article and unravel the secret.

Genetic Modification in Wheat

Wheat is one of the most important food crops on the planet. Yet, its production can’t keep up with the increase in population. One solution is genetic modification in wheat, which is discussed in this article, along with its pros and cons.

Genetic Engineering Good or Bad

Is genetic engineering good or bad? This is a question heavily debated throughout the science community. Before you form an opinion, read this objective analysis to learn about the pros and cons of genetic engineering.