The Genetics of Diseases

What are diseases made of? How do they pass from person to person, and why are some people immune? Learn what secrets the genetics of disease can tell us.

Obesity and Genetics

Are you looking for the details concerning the relationship between obesity and genetics? Here we will discuss the link and other important information.

Do Genetics Affect Communicable Disease?

Does genetics play a critical role in the evolution of infectious diseases? Do genetics affect communicable disease? And if so, how and why? Take a glance at this article if you want to know the answers to that and whether or not humanity is fighting a losing battle against disease.

What is Abetalipoproteinemia?

Approximately 100 people have been reported to have abetalipoproteinemia wordwide. What is abetalipoproteinemia? Learn more about the signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment measures in the following article.

Genetic Lung Disorders

Are you looking for information on genetic lung disorders? Here we list and discuss these disorders and information about each.