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Post-translational Modifications in Proteins

Proteins formed during the translational process are require to go through various post-translational modifications to make them functional. Learn the mechanisms that take place during protein folding and processing.

What Are Boogers and What Causes Boogers?

They fascinate children almost everywhere, and during our lifetimes our noses will produce thousands of them from the gallons of mucus we pump out. But what causes boogers and just what are boogers?

Farts and the Causes of Flatulence

It’s an ill wind that sometimes blows across the room, but don’t worry you’re not to blame. Flatulence has a number of causes and one of them is the bacteria that live inside you. Read on to find out more about what causes flatulence.

The Causes of Smelly Feet: Bacteria and Sweaty Smelly Feet

Foot odor can clear a room in seconds. The overwhelming stench that can wilt a flower from ten paces is caused by amongst other things poor personal hygiene and excessive sweating. Find out more about the causes of smelly feet and the problems of sweaty smelly feet.

Facts About Proteins and Protein Structure

Did you know that proteins are nanoparticles? Or, that proteins have levels of increasing complexity in structure? Find out more about these and many other interesting facts about proteins and protein structure.

Understanding Ice-Minus Bacteria

This article takes a look at the mutant strain of the Pseudomonas syringae bacteria that is popularly known as ice-minus bacteria. Ice-minus bacteria are interesting to researchers and farmers as the microbes prevent the formation of frost on precious crops.

Searching for a Cellulite Reduction Treatment? Look to Your Genes

The person who develops a truly effective cellulite cure will become a billionaire overnight. Cosmetic companies claim their cellulite treatments work, but there is little, if any supporting evidence in the scientific literature. Understanding the genetics of cellulite might just be the answer.

How Does Telomerase Work? How This Enzyme Works with Telomeres

Telomerase is a crucial enzyme that controls and maintains telomeres. These are the tips of chromosomes that a) protect DNA from molecular attack and b) prevent strands of genetic material from sticking to each other. The enzyme is active in stem cells, germ cells, and tumour cells.

What is Antigenic Drift?

“Prevention is better than cure,” they say, but prevention of diseases is not a problem that can be tackled easily. Influenza is a common problem in several regions of the world and tackling the problem is difficult. A significant factor is antigenic drift.

What is Antigenic Shift?

Antigenic shift is an important biological phenomenon that is of importance in studying pathogens and the diseases that they cause. Antigenic shift is mostly reported in influenza, although it could happen with any viral pathogen.