Aviation and Airline Safety

Although flying is actually safer than driving, there is always room for improvement in aviation safety standards. This can involve problems and fixes to both inside the aircrafts as well out outside. Radar, GPS, pilots, flight controller methods and technology, airstrip lighting, and many other factors need to be looked at and improved before, during, and after each aviation disaster occurs. Here we’ll look out how plane manufacturers, airports, the FAA and other agencies are dealing with the safety hazards of private and commercial flight.

Airshow Safety: Will the Reno Tragedy Change the Future?

The September 2011 crash at the Reno Air Races brought the safety at airshows to the front of national attention. I am a trained accident investigator, and though there are important lessons to be learned from the Reno tragedy they will not change the future of airshows.

CAMP Aircraft Maintenance: Towards Safer Aviation Environment

The concept of CAMP aircraft maintenance systems was introduced by the FAA with the intention of ensuring that all those items that are critical to the safe operations of large carrier aircraft are inspected on a regular and routine basis to evaluate their airworthiness and physical condition.

Airline Travel: Safest Seat on Airplane

Going online to pick the seats for your next flight and want to know the safest seats on airplane? This article helps you pick the seats with the best survival rate if your air travel ends in an unplanned maneuver.

Special Airplanes That Fly into Hurricanes

Flying an aircraft over a hurricane might seem a crazy idea but this endeavor was designed for the benefit of the people alone. Learn what are the special airplanes that fly into hurricanes and how are they are made safe.

Airplane Runways and Taxiways

Airplane runways and taxiways are an important part of the overall functioning of airplanes. Smooth working of an airport depends substantially on the condition of its runways and taxiways. If in improper condition, they can cause heavy damage to airplanes.

Airplane Radar

Radar is one of the most important devices on an airplane as far as airplane navigation is concerned. Airplane radar helps promote safe flights even in bad weather conditions. How does an airplane radar work and what is its importance? Let’s find out.