Pilot Training and Certification

For anyone to become a certified pilot, there are required ground courses as well as in-air lessons that need to be completed before student pilots can become certified and fly a plane by themselves. You can read up on some tips on how to become a pilot, what to expect during pilot training courses, and other resources for becoming a civilian or commericial airline pilot.

All About Grants for Flight Training

Is money getting in the way of your dream to become a pilot? Are you looking for grants to help you get your pilot license? Learn all about grants for flight training, how to find them and how to get them.

What is Taught in a Flight School Ground Course on Landing

There are several aspects of the flight school ground course on landing which are extremely essential for the trainees to understand before commencing solo flights. Landing is one of the trickiest phases of flight whose aerodynamics and handling requirements need to be imbibed during the course.

Safest Learning Helicopter for Training

There are certain inherent dangers to helicopter flying which get even trickier when teaching or learning to fly these unstable machines in the initial stages. The safest options in training helicopters are determined by comparing and analyzing protective features and handling characteristics.

Enhancing Flight Safety Through Preventive Maintenance Procedures

There are certain monitoring, inspection and detection procedures which enable the maintenance personnel to predict and prevent failures in aircraft components well before their actual occurrence. Collectively these activities and practices form the preventive maintenance procedures in aviation.

Airplanes: Low Wing Aircraft

Low wing aircraft are the majority of both general aviation and commercial airplanes. This article discusses the benefits of the low wing design and compares it with its high wing counterpart.

Airplanes: High Wing Aircraft

The topic of low wing vs. high wing aircraft always starts a heated debated amongst pilots. These paragraphs discuss the merits of the high wing aircraft design.

Planes Flying at Night and the Effects of Night Flying

A plane flying at night can hold many challenges to a pilot. The overall effects of night flying results in visual impairment for the operator. In order to overcome these problems, many procedures and advanced training is utilized during flights in darkness.

How to Become an Aircraft Pilot

Want to learn how to become an aircraft pilot? This article is for you. Learn about what a private pilots licenses is and what the path is to obtaining it.

Cross Country Flight – About Private Pilot Training

Cross country (XC) flight is a standard part of Private Pilot training. One must accurately fly long distance routes between multiple airports. This requires all of the skills needed to fly an airplane, including navigation, weather evaluation, fuel management, and use of controlled airspace.