• The History of the Caravelle Jetliner

    Following the end of the Second World War, the French aircraft industry again became active. An innovative aircraft was built that had a futuristic elegance with a unique rear engine design which was well ahead of it time. The Sud-Est Caravelle Jetliner...
    By johnsinit October 15, 2010 

  • History of the Luftwaffe: WWII Luftwaffe Aces

    One of the more spectacular tales to arise from the horror of the Second World War is that of the Luftwaffe. WWII was the only conflict in history where fighter aces racked up kill counts in the triple digits. Luftwaffe aces of WWII shot down more enemy...
    By AMT September 20, 2010 

  • SU-27 Flanker - Could the Maneuverability of the SU-27 defeat F-15 Technology?

    The Russian designed Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker is an air superiority fighter designed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and used by a number of countries, including Russia and China. The SU-27 Flanker was designed to defeat the F-15 Eagle used by the...
    By AMT August 16, 2010 

  • About Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) Jet Aircraft

    The Royal Australian Air Force is a regional power in the Pacific and has a fleet of well over 100 RAAF jet aircraft with numerous other turboprop planes as well. The RAAF jets are used as trainers, fighters, advanced early warning systems, and for refueling...
    By johnsinit August 13, 2010 

  • Names of Airplanes Flown by Amelia Earhart

    The airplanes flown by Amelia Earhart include her Kinner Airster, the first plane she bought, as well as models made by Curitss, Avro, Pitcairn, and Lockheed. Known for aviation records, Earhart disappeared in 1937 along with her navigator in the Lockheed...
    By johnsinit July 13, 2010 

  • An Article Devoted to Aviation Pioneers

    Among some of the most important people ever to grace their presence in aviation history are Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh, Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers. This article on aviation pioneers touches on their achievements and failures in the...
    By Jason C. Chavis July 13, 2010 

  • The History of Red Baron Airplanes

    The so-called Red Baron airplanes, flown by “Red Baron” Manfred von Richthofen during World War I, were made by Fokker and Albatros, except for the Halberstadt D.II that he flew for a time in early 1917. The most famous of these is the Fokker...
    By johnsinit July 10, 2010 

  • About the Stearman Biplane

    The Stearman biplane, also known as the Model 75 or the Kaydet, is one of the most mass produced airplanes in history. It was used as a training craft for World War II and later as an advertising plane for Red Baron Pizza.
    By Jason C. Chavis June 22, 2010 

  • Twin Tower Tragedy: The Darkest Day of Aviation History

    It is always good to forget bad memories but some memories haunt not only individuals but the whole human race for centuries on end. The 9/11 attacks was one such event which hardly has a parallel in history.
    By Ricky May 31, 2010 

  • The First Powered Flight by The Wright Brothers

    What is your idea about a modern jetliner? Well even a child could tell – a huge massive piece of machinery capable of carrying a few hundred passengers and cargo, flying few thousand miles with ease. But how was it like when it all began, just...
    By Ricky May 24, 2010 
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