History of Human Flight

Throughout time, humans have always wanted to fly. This led many people to try and flap artificial wings to fly like birds but this didn’t end up being the best method. Other tecniques like heating air were explored and found to work well, giving us the modern-day hot air ballon. Gliders were also invented to achieve semi-flight but it still wasn’t really flying. Hot air ballons started to be seen as early in the 1700’s but did not become a popular method until later periods in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The most familiar method of human flight we may be with is using propeller or jet-powered airplanes. A basic version of an airplane was flown in the late 19th century and was powered under steam.

Aviation History Quiz

The history of aviation is filled with important and exciting milestones. Some are well known, others a little more esoteric, but all are fascinating. Find out what you know of aviation history with this Aviation History quiz.

Read About Military Aviation Through History & Today

Aircraft has long been used in the military, even prior to WWI. First uses included scouting and occasional bombings. Then fighter planes were developed, leading to today’s advanced fighter jets. Explore the fascinating history of military aviation with this guide.

World War II Aircraft Paint Colors

Though camouflage had been experimented with in World War I, it wasn’t until the Second World War that it came into its own. In World War II colors were used on aircraft for identification as well as camouflage. All parties in both the Axis and the Allies used distinctive coloring for advantages.

The Hindenburg Disaster Myths Exposed

Seared into the memory of countless people, the destruction of the Hindenburg was one of the first tragedies recorded and viewed worldwide. While many of the Hindenburg disaster myths were debunked over the years, with this exposure came a long series of possible explanations for the catastrophe.

Gripen – F-16 Fighting Falcon Comparisons

The Saab JAS 39 Gripen is Sweden’s premier fighter aircraft and one of the first specifically built with export markets in mind. The prime competitors for the Gripen in export markets are upgraded versions of the F-16 and the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter built by the United States.

The Dassault Rafale: France’s Premier Combat Aircraft

The Dassault Rafale is a generation 4.5 fighter currently operated by the French Air Force and French Navy. A successor to the highly acclaimed Mirage series, the Rafale is meant to replace almost every other combat airframe design currently in French military service, and is marketed for export.

History of the Luftwaffe: WWII Aces

One of the more spectacular tales to arise from the horror of the Second World War is that of the Luftwaffe. WWII was the only conflict in history where fighter aces racked up kill counts in the triple digits. Luftwaffe aces of WWII shot down more enemy aircraft than aces of any other nationality.

The SU-27 Flanker: A Potent Russian Air Superiority Fighter

The Russian designed Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker is an air superiority fighter designed in the Soviet Union during the Cold War and used by a number of countries, including Russia and China. The SU-27 Flanker was designed to defeat the F-15 Eagle used by the United States and its allies – could it do so?

Aviation Legends – Airplanes Flown by Amelia Earhart

The airplanes flown by Amelia Earhart include her Kinner Airster, the first plane she bought, as well as models made by Curitss, Avro, Pitcairn, and Lockheed. Known for aviation records, Earhart disappeared in 1937 along with her navigator in the Lockheed Electra 10E, which was never found.