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When most people think if flying, they think of large airliner jets that can accomodate hundreds of passengers. Many forget that there are other options available today such as single-engine planes or smaller but private jets. Airplanes can also be designed for fast racing or advanced aerials. Here you’ll find information about specific aircraft and what they have been designed for. If you’re looking to purchase a plane, or just want to research a particular model, check out the articles and reviews on all the popular aircraft.

All You Wanted To Know About the A380 Air Bus

The company Airbus kicked off in 1970 and since then, it has turned in to one of the biggest aircraft manufacturing companies of the world. The firm has earned a niche for itself due to its quality aircraft. One such plane is the notable A380 Air Bus – despite the latest engine incident.

Top 7 Airplane Safety Tips for Travel

Traveling by airplane is a very safe way to travel. However, there are a few things you can do to make your airplane traveling even safer. Follow these airplane safety tips for the safest flight possible.

Gripen NG – The Sea Gripen 39 Updated for the 21st Century

The first generation 4+ fighter deployed, the Gripen is slightly less technologically up to date than its primary competitors – the Rafale and Typhoon. However, two major upgrade paths have been identified that will keep the Gripen up to date – the Gripen NG and Sea Gripen

The Saab JAS 39 Gripen Fighter Jet: Sweden’s Finest Fighter

Swedish aircraft design has a long and interesting history. As a neutral nation Sweden has designed and built fighter jets that fill different roles and conform to different standards than the East or West. The JAS 39 Gripen fighter jet is a clear expression of Swedish technological independence.

Typhoon Eurofighter Technology is State of the Art

Named after that most powerful of storms, the Typhoon aircraft design and production is a multinational effort requiring cooperation between the aviation industries of Germany, Italy, Spain, and Britain ,among others. The Typhoon is Europe’s next generation combat aircraft.

Airon Aircraft, LLC’s Lightning Sport Aircraft Review

A one on one interview with Nick Otterbak and a review of Arion Aircraft, LLC’s Lightning Airplane shows the outstanding performance and sleek design of this Light Sport Aircraft. Fully equipped with hundreds of features, the Lightning is an impressive light sport airplane.

Most Famous Army Airplanes and Names of Army Airplanes

Army airplanes trace their history back to the very first military airplane, which was built by the Wright brothers in 1909. It was powered by a 30.6 horsepower engine. Today’s army planes include state-of-the-art aircraft made by manufacturers like Gulfstream.

Notable Facts About Kolb Firestar Ultralight Airplanes

Kolb Firestar ultralight airplanes are well-liked by ultralight pilots because of their low power requirements, great handling, and sleek lines. Made from kits, they feature a welded steel frame and riveted aluminum wings, tail boom, tail fin, and horizontal stabilizer with an aircraft fabric skin.

Unusual Airplanes That Will Catch Your Eyes

These magnificent steel birds can be quite amusing for individuals who seek to achieve thrill in their daily lives, the adrenaline rush gives them a sense of lightness. For some, these unusual airplanes are a form of meditation, a way to gain an out of body experience.

Ultralight Aircraft Longest Flight

This article guides readers through the steps required to determine the ultralight aircraft longest flight. The article describes the factors affecting an aircraft’s range, and ends by detailing the maximum theoretical flight range for a powered ultralight aircraft.