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How to Become an Aircraft Pilot

Want to learn how to become an aircraft pilot? This article is for you. Learn about what a private pilots licenses is and what the path is to obtaining it.

Cross Country Flight – About Private Pilot Training

Cross country (XC) flight is a standard part of Private Pilot training. One must accurately fly long distance routes between multiple airports. This requires all of the skills needed to fly an airplane, including navigation, weather evaluation, fuel management, and use of controlled airspace.

London Boeing 777 Crash Details Released

The British Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) has released an interim report on the crash of a Boeing 777-200ER which occurred on January 17, 2008 at London’s Heathrow International Airport. The conclusions are surprising.

Beginner Pilot Information about Pilot Mentality

Throughout flight training, students gradually learn how to think like a pilot. They learn this skill from the tasks set before them, and from the instructor’s example. Unfortunately, the “pilot mentality” is rarely covered during training as an independent subject. Read on for student pilot tips.