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Green Technologies On Airplanes: Efforts for Green Aircraft

The increase in global warming and rise in fuel prices have forced airlines owners around the world to implement environmentally friendly technologies on their airplanes. These green technologies will not only help in reducing the carbon emission but will also increase efficiency of the planes.

Biofuel and Airplanes: The Future of Biofuel as Jet Fuel

Biofuels are considered as the next best thing that has happened to the airline industry. With the rising fuel costs and their depleting reserves, biofuels might turn out to be a great asset in near future. What are the types of biofuels used on airplanes and how feasible they are? Find out inside.

Airplane Improvements for Safety Over the Past Hundred Years

Since the first flight by the Wright Brothers, airplane safety has been a major concern for pilots, passengers and industry professionals. Safety improvements in aircraft over the past hundred years have mostly been in response to incidents both on the ground and in the air.

Radio Controlled Airplane Engines: How they have Evolved

Radio controlled airplanes are a popular hobby for people across the world. The principle of radio controlled airplane engines vary depending on the design and has also changed with time. Different power sources can be used to make the devices function much like their full-size counterparts.

Bird Avoidance Technology for Airplanes to Avoid Bird Strikes

The airline industry is constantly challenged with the prospect of strikes from airborne animals such as birds and bats. In order to combat this eventuality, bird avoidance technology for airplanes has been implemented both in the design of airplanes and on the ground to prevent problems.

Aviation Gas

This article contains information related to the types of gas used in the aviation industry, what it looks and smells like and where its used.