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Airshow Safety: Will the Reno Tragedy Change the Future?

The September 2011 crash at the Reno Air Races brought the safety at airshows to the front of national attention. I am a trained accident investigator, and though there are important lessons to be learned from the Reno tragedy they will not change the future of airshows.

Aviation History Quiz

The history of aviation is filled with important and exciting milestones. Some are well known, others a little more esoteric, but all are fascinating. Find out what you know of aviation history with this Aviation History quiz.

Learn About Best Small Amphibious Planes

Learn about best small amphibious planes and how they were used. Sources of aviation marketplaces are also provided where you can view used aircraft for either buying or selling and other purposes.

Read About Military Aviation Through History & Today

Aircraft has long been used in the military, even prior to WWI. First uses included scouting and occasional bombings. Then fighter planes were developed, leading to today’s advanced fighter jets. Explore the fascinating history of military aviation with this guide.

All About Grants for Flight Training

Is money getting in the way of your dream to become a pilot? Are you looking for grants to help you get your pilot license? Learn all about grants for flight training, how to find them and how to get them.

What is Taught in a Flight School Ground Course on Landing

There are several aspects of the flight school ground course on landing which are extremely essential for the trainees to understand before commencing solo flights. Landing is one of the trickiest phases of flight whose aerodynamics and handling requirements need to be imbibed during the course.

CAMP Aircraft Maintenance: Towards Safer Aviation Environment

The concept of CAMP aircraft maintenance systems was introduced by the FAA with the intention of ensuring that all those items that are critical to the safe operations of large carrier aircraft are inspected on a regular and routine basis to evaluate their airworthiness and physical condition.

Safest Learning Helicopter for Training

There are certain inherent dangers to helicopter flying which get even trickier when teaching or learning to fly these unstable machines in the initial stages. The safest options in training helicopters are determined by comparing and analyzing protective features and handling characteristics.

Enhancing Flight Safety Through Preventive Maintenance Procedures

There are certain monitoring, inspection and detection procedures which enable the maintenance personnel to predict and prevent failures in aircraft components well before their actual occurrence. Collectively these activities and practices form the preventive maintenance procedures in aviation.

World War II Aircraft Paint Colors

Though camouflage had been experimented with in World War I, it wasn’t until the Second World War that it came into its own. In World War II colors were used on aircraft for identification as well as camouflage. All parties in both the Axis and the Allies used distinctive coloring for advantages.

Choosing the Easiest Plane to Fly for All Skill Levels

Each airplane has its own peculiarities in flying characteristics which make the handling requirements varied for each design and model. However, some common features have been identified through statistics, which reduce the cockpit workload and make the flying experience pleasant for everyone.

The Hindenburg Disaster Myths Exposed

Seared into the memory of countless people, the destruction of the Hindenburg was one of the first tragedies recorded and viewed worldwide. While many of the Hindenburg disaster myths were debunked over the years, with this exposure came a long series of possible explanations for the catastrophe.

Airplanes: Low Wing Aircraft

Low wing aircraft are the majority of both general aviation and commercial airplanes. This article discusses the benefits of the low wing design and compares it with its high wing counterpart.