Fat & Healthy: Is it Possible?

Whether you are considered overweight or obese is determined by your BMI. This tool is not always completely accurate, but generally speaking, even individuals who may be considered overweight can still be healthy. Those considered obese, however, may need to be more careful.

The Overuse of Antibiotics: Consequences of Misuse

Reports state that patients are often prescribed antibiotics for conditions that do not warrant their use. The more that antibiotics are overused or mis-prescribed, the more likely it is that patients will build up bacterial resistance to their effects. This can cause a whole host of problems.

The Return of TB, Malaria & Other Curable Diseases

After a home has been thoroughly cleaned it will only stay so for a little while. As the days, weeks, and months pass, the dust and dirt gradually reappear. Continual upkeep is essential to keeping your home clean. In the same way we need constant vigilance against a curable disease returning.

New Computer Science Tool Detects Heart Disease

When it comes to heart disease, early detection can be a lifesaver. But the tools aren’t always up to the job; signs that something might be wrong can be missed. However, the development of new technologies promise to more accurately define risk of heart complications and improve survival rates.

How Much of a Threat is Space Junk?

Not content with polluting the Earth and its atmosphere we are now cluttering up space with dead, useless satellites and other assorted space junk. In our quest for self-gratification our ability to pollute knows no bounds.