What is the Human Genome Project?

The Human Genome Project is one of the most ambitious projects undertaken in recent years. The Human Genome Project lasted 13 years, starting in 1990 and it’s completion in 2003.

Computational Modeling of Macromolecules

The combining of biochemical techniques with information technology has made it possible to understand higher levels of macromolecular structure. It also opens a vista of potential novel species.

What is required of a successful dry lab scientist?

Obviously, good grades in school and college are necessary, and it helps if you are from a biology background or a math or a computer school background. In fact, more emphasis is laid on a math or a computer school background, along with an incessantly questioning mind.

Learn About How Scientists Study Your Genes and DNA

Genomics may sound familiar, as if it were a novel or a movie. What is it exactly? Genomics is the study of genes, what constitutes them, its structures, how it is related to DNA, and whether or not it can be manipulated, thereby creating a new gene or modifying it to behave in a particular manner.