Training & Performance Management

After hiring your employees continue to invest in them by ongoing training and feedback. We’ll explore performance management in all it’s aspects, including tools and software, training methods and more!

Fair Ways to Get Rid of Bad Employees

Incompetent or untrained? Decide if you can convert a bad employee into a good one by reinforcing their job responsibilities and performance expectations and providing any training necessary. By documenting the process, you will have documentation for a fair and legal employee termination.

The Effects of Bad Management vs Employee Turnover

It is often said that employees may decide to join a company because of the salary or the brand, but they leave it because of the bad relationship with their direct manager. This article will help you understand how bad management affects employee turnover and what can be done about it.

Learn How to Explain Bad Ratings to New Employees

Every business owner, supervisor, and HR manager has had to learn how to explain a bad rating to a new employee. Whether it’s a performance review after an initial orientation period or a six-month review, bad ratings don’t have to be painful or hard to deliver.

How to Handle Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

If you have at least two employees, expect some conflict from time to time. What are the best strategies for conflict resolution in the workplace? Should you let them battle it out on their own or put a process in place? Jean Scheid, an HR expert, tells us how to handle workplace conflict.

3 Effective and Innovative Employee Training Methods

There are many ways to offer education to your employees and as a business owner, you’ve probably tried most of them including seminars, cross-training and perhaps even college credit courses. If you’re stuck on how to train, try one of these three innovative methods–you may be surprised!

How to Set Up Employee Mentoring Programs

Almost any business can set up an employee mentoring program and reap the rewards! Most business owners look at mentoring programs as a wasted expense, but if you set them up correctly, you may turn apprentices into lifetime employees.