Training & Performance Management

After hiring your employees continue to invest in them by ongoing training and feedback. We’ll explore performance management in all it’s aspects, including tools and software, training methods and more!

Sample Manager Employee Coaching Scenarios

Exploring employee coaching scenarios enables managers to successfully prepare for establishing productive relationships with their subordinates. Effective coaching enables managers to evaluate an employee’s personality, identify morale-building strategies and establish trust.

3 Great Employee Training & Tracking Software Tools

Human resources managers and supervisors rely on employee training tracking software to document in-services, coaching and seminar attendance. These programs let workers and managers partner to chart a course for professional development, compliance and future promotions.

Learn the Questions to Ask Employees to Get Feedback

Knowing what questions to ask employees to get feedback is a common dilemma for supervisors and managers. Well-crafted questions that entice the employee to provide meaningful information while at the same time creating a rapport with the employee is an essential skill for managers.

Workforce Wellness: 10 Lunch and Learn Ideas

With the focus on wellness in today’s workplaces, why not institute a Lunch and Learn lecture series at your business? These educational gatherings are half learning and half social, and they benefit both the company and the employees. Read these great ideas to get started.

Free Training Brainstorming Games You Can Use Now

Using brainstorming games for employee training exercises allows people to think about the instructional content in new ways. Training brainstorming games allows participants to contribute in a fast-paced group activity. These exercises also trigger self-reflection.

A Review of Effective Behavior Modification Examples

The highly competitive business environment makes companies look to hire people whose values and culture “fit” with that of the organization. Finding a perfect “fit” being impossible, companies look to modify the behavior of employees. Read on for some behavior modification examples.