Recruiting & Hiring

Whether you’re the small business owner hiring your first employee or the head of the Human Resources Department, you know hiring the right person for the job is crucial. Read articles and get the lastest information on recruiting methods, interviewing and hiring employees. We’ll cover writing job description, posting job advertisements online, preparing interview questions and more!

Tips for Making a New Employee Announcement

Sending out an announcement is an effective way of introducing new employees to other members of your organization. Rather than just showing the employee her new work space and leaving her on her own, a well written announcement can help her connect with co-workers.

What Is Crowdsourcing – Will It Work for You?

There’s a hot and trendy new way of getting things done from a different perspective—crowdsourcing. What is crowdsourcing, and is it a viable alternative to your company’s needs? Many large companies are jumping on the crowdsourcing bandwagon, but what can it do for you?

Nuts and Bolts of Executive Relocation Packages

Putting together executive relocation packages is a great way of attracting exceptional talent to company leadership positions. Doing it incorrectly, however, makes the company susceptible to lawsuits and financial losses. Learn how to balance both.

2 Free Samples of Job Offer Letters

A letter to offer employment has certain elements it must contain and items to leave out. There are those that are simple and ones that need to be more complex. Here, we take a look at both and offer free samples of job offer letters.

How to Calculate ROI for Hiring an Employee

The ROI for hiring an employee is all about establishing a benchmark for performance. The Human Resources Department will translate it as their guidelines about the quality of workforce to provide. Manpower costs are expenses if utilized but they are productivity losses in absentia.

What Does an Employee Background Check Consist Of?

Employee background checks form an important step in the recruitment process. What does an employee background check consist of? The answer varies from organization to organization, but invariably includes a check of previous employment records, and usually looks into criminal and financial history.