Recruiting & Hiring

Whether you’re the small business owner hiring your first employee or the head of the Human Resources Department, you know hiring the right person for the job is crucial. Read articles and get the lastest information on recruiting methods, interviewing and hiring employees. We’ll cover writing job description, posting job advertisements online, preparing interview questions and more!

Useful Examples of Written Job Descriptions

Expertly define workers’ roles and responsibilities by following these examples of written job descriptions. Note the structure, possible pitfalls and why it is not enough to set up the job descriptions and then leave them in place unchanged forever.

Running a Successful Employee Referral Program

An employee referral program ideally capitalizes on the peer relationships of a vetted, qualified and esteemed current worker. Unfortunately, there are ample problems associated with hiring friends and family members of employees. How can you mitigate these problems?

Top 10 Tips for Writing Job Descriptions

Writing great job descriptions seems easy, right? Often, it can be more involved than you think–especially if you want to cover all the aspects of the job to obtain some great candidates. Learn here the top 10 tips for writing job descriptions that will make this task easier.

Recruiting and Selecting Employees

When employees leave, use these tips for recruiting and selecting employees to replace the person. Managers should closely examine the job listing to evaluate the process they should follow to locate the best person to fill the role.

Understanding Disadvantages and Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the in-thing in the market, and everyone seems to be talking about the advantages of outsourcing. But every coin has two sides. It’s better to know about the cons of outsourcing as well before you actually go ahead with it. The article discusses all the aspects of outsourcing.

A Look at the History of Outsourcing in America

Many perceive offshore outsourcing as a scheming and malevolent business strategy that has deprived most American workers of jobs that should be theirs. However, a closer look at the history of outsourcing takes readers back in time, to reflect on the factors that gave rise to what it is today.

Risks of Outsourcing Jobs to Offshore Companies

Outsourcing of jobs to offshore companies as an alternative to local hiring formerly presented financial benefits, but the risks of outsourcing are now gaining attention. Miscommunication, poor work quality and plagiarism issues are making companies wary about this as an alternative option.