Recruiting & Hiring

Whether you’re the small business owner hiring your first employee or the head of the Human Resources Department, you know hiring the right person for the job is crucial. Read articles and get the lastest information on recruiting methods, interviewing and hiring employees. We’ll cover writing job description, posting job advertisements online, preparing interview questions and more!

Top Bad Interview Techniques to Drive Talent Away

An interview is an indispensable and very often the most important element of the candidate selection process. Success is a two-way street, and employers who expect potential employees to perform well at interviews need to conduct the interview well in the first place. Learn more here.

Asking Interview Questions About Teamwork

Job applicants can be a savvy bunch. Ask a few basic interview questions about teamwork, and you’re bound to get a well rehearsed response. So, how can you determine the candidate’s real ability to work in a team? Using planned behavioral questions around teamwork is a good start.

Selection Skills for Interviewers

Arguably, one of the most important job responsibilities in an organization is the hiring of quality talent. An organization’s success can often be directly attributed to the level of talent that’s been selected over time. Do you have the interviewing and selection skills to be effective?

FAQ On Common Employee Compensation Questions

Compensation structures serve as a major motivator for employees, and lending clarity to compensation structures through effective communication mechanisms ranks as a major task of Human Resources. One way to lend clarity is by preparing a FAQ to publish in employee handbooks and via the intranet.

Different Types of Deferred Compensation Plans

Are you considering a plan to defer compensation for your employees? The tax implications, benefits and details for implementation vary depending upon whether the plan is qualified or non-qualified. Review the various types to see which one will meet the needs of your company.

How to Write a Job Description: Graphic Designer

So your firm has decided to hire a graphic designer, and it’s time to write the job description. You must keep in mind one caveat about graphic designers as you decide how to approach this task. This article helps you answer one important question before you get started.

A Guide to the Best Business Hiring Practices

Hiring top talent has assumed critical importance for businesses as the present business environment marked by free flow of information and easy availability of technology elevates human resources as a major source of competitive advantage. Read on for the best business hiring practices.