Insight & Opinion on Human Resources

The country is in a recession and many are looking for work, or wondering if they will be keeping their current job. The pertinant issues of hiring, firing, growth and career advancement weigh heavy on everyone’s minds. Central to those issues are human resource managers, who not only work to recruit and hire new employees, but help resolve conflict, train employees and keep up with legal requirements and changes. Read commentary and opinion on human resource management, from industry professionals and peers.

The HR Manager’s Best-Ever Holiday Gift-Giving Policy

Do you even have a policy? Things can get sticky this time of the year, with many employees in favor of celebrating the end-of-year holidays, while others feel that such celebrations violate their civil rights. Whatever you do, the most important thing is to be consistent. Read on for ideas.

Religion From Ground Zero: Does It Reach Into the Workplace?

Our nation’s 9/11 Memorial and Museum is nearing completion–it will open in 2012. A section of beam resembling a Christian cross has been moved to the museum’s site. Atheists who find it repugnant and offensive have filed a lawsuit against it. As an HR manager, how do you moderate religious issues?

The Worst Cities for Jobs This Summer

This writer takes a turn griping about the lists of bad places to work that are put out regularly by It’s bad enough living in one of them; hiring good employees when jobs are scarce poses a unique set of problems.