Labor Law

Learn everything you need to know as a human resource manager on labor law, including handling harassment cases, discrimination charges, unemployment benefits, compensation claims and more. Understand your rights as a business and the proper way to go about disciplining or firing employees.                       

Try This Quick Quiz on FMLA Rules and Regulations

Are you up to date on your understanding of the provisions associated with FMLA? Regulations carefully outline acceptable and unacceptable business practices. Even so, there is ample room for misinterpretation. Take the quiz and fill knowledge gaps quickly.

Jury Duty & Voting: What Are an Employer’s Obligations?

So your employee has been called to jury duty. Or, he or she wants to cause an upheaval in the political infrastructure by voting. Understanding your employee’s rights and responsibilities related to these civic duties, as well as your obligations and rights related to these processes, is vital.

How Well Do You Understand Labor Laws? Take This Quiz and Find Out!

Afraid of employee lawsuits or fear an employee may get the upper hand by claiming you, as the employer, aren’t following employee labor laws? These situations happen all the time so fear no more and take our short quiz to test how well you understand these regulations.

A Guide to Employee Terminations and Layoffs

All employers will at one time or another need to either layoff or terminate some employees. If you’re lost on how to go through this process with ease, this one-stop guide to both will assist you in decision-making. We invite you to bookmark this web page so you can visit it often for assistance.

A Guide to COBRA Insurance for Small Businesses

COBRA allows employees and their dependents to avail continued coverage of health insurance for a limited period when they become ineligible for such benefits owing to loss of job or some other conditions. COBRA insurance for small business places some responsibilities on the employer.

What Are the Facts On Furloughs and Employment Law?

In tough economic times employers try to cut wage costs, a significant expense. Some employers looking at alternative to layoffs opt for furloughs, or subjecting employees to temporary leave of absence. The challenge when adopting such measures is remaining on the right side of the law