Employee Recognition & Rewards

  • Understanding the Pros and Cons of Employee Recognition Programs

    When determining the pros and cons of employee recognition programs, it pays to initially go back to the basic goals of these programs. Do the processes meet or exceed these goals? Is the program outdated and out of compliance?
    By Sylvia Cochran September 24, 2010 

  • A Simple Letter Goes a Long Way: Employee Recognition Tips

    Review employee recognition sample letters in this article and then create your own by customizing the free downloadable template. Your intention to show appreciation is genuine. So, make sure the letter you send does the job!
    By Marjory Pilley September 19, 2010 

  • Unique Ideas for Employee Gifts

    If you are even thinking about gifts for your employees, then show them that their employer is unique, by giving unique employee gifts. It can be a great reward for them and an effective motivational return for you!
    By johnsinit September 18, 2010 

  • Different Types of Non-Cash Employee Compensation

    Effective employee compensation goes beyond money. Using the right kind of non-cash employee compensation can create a visible boost in employee motivation and performance. It is a living manifestation of good human resource policies.
    By Eduard Ezeanu September 13, 2010 

  • Creative Ideas for Employee Break Rooms

    The ambiance of your break room can impact morale and motivation. Here are some employee break room ideas that will help you provide a place for your team to unwind and rejuvenate so that they feel energized and confident to face the remainder of the...
    By Tricia Goss September 13, 2010 

  • Great Ideas for Non-Monetary Rewards in the Workplace

    Getting and keeping employees motivated has become a strategic priority for modern organizations. There are many powerful non-monetary rewards in the workplace you can use. This article will explore some of the most important ones and help you understand...
    By Eduard Ezeanu September 12, 2010 

  • Get Everyone Motivated: 10 Ideas for Employee Contests

    The ability to motivate employees and keep them motivated is a key requirement for any organization that wishes to be a leader in its field. Employee motivation contests can offer you a powerful tool in your human resources toolbox.
    By Eduard Ezeanu September 8, 2010 

  • Employee Recognition and Reward Ideas That Won't Break Your Budget

    You appreciate your employees and value their contributions. You don't want them to leave. Unfortunately, you don't have a lot of money to back up your sentiments. Check out the budget-friendly employee recognition and reward ideas in this article...
    By Marjory Pilley August 22, 2010 

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