Employee Recognition & Rewards

How do you keep your employees motivated and show recognition especially when on a tight budget? Handing out raises and bonuses is one method, but what do you do if you can’t afford monetary rewards? Find ideas and insight into rewarding your team and star employees with incentives, gift and reward programs and other creative ideas. You’ll also find ideas for company outings and motivators.

How to Face Employee Compensation Challenges

Business owners and HR managers face employee compensation challenges even more than in the past. It used to be employees were happy to receive a fair wage for a day’s work; however, that’s not always the case with a varied workforce. Here, find out how to deal with these compensation challenges.

Types of Short-Term Employee Incentive Programs

Incentive plans are not just for full-time workers. Short-term employees also deserve incentives and bonuses for hard work, which will instigate higher performance and a more positive workplace.This article explains four of the best types of short-term employee incentive programs.

5 Ways for Celebrating Various Cultures in the Workplace

Managing diversity is best achieved by celebrating the differences between your workers. It means much more than race, religion, or nationality. It includes gender, disability, age, marital status, military experience, sexual orientation, and just about anything that makes someone different.

Employee Incentive Program Examples

Many companies search for new and innovative ways to motivate their employees. By providing employee incentive programs that encourage them to do their best work, you are making a valuable investment in your human capital.

An Overview of Employee Waste Reduction Incentives

Employee waste reduction incentives constitute an integral part of many lean manufacturing initiatives and other approaches to improve efficiency and productivity. Read on to find out the various types of incentives and the best practices related to its implementation.