Employee Recognition & Rewards

  • 15 Things You Can Implement Today to Improve Staff Happiness

    A happy workforce has the potential to be more productive, invested and efficient, therefore also improving the business as a whole. Fortunately there are many ways you can improve staff happiness implementing both small and larger changes. It's possible...
    By Will Bridges August 31, 2015 

  • Guide to Showing Employee Appreciation

    Your employees know that they are important to your business, right? If you are wrong, though, it could cause your staff to lose enthusiasm and even loyalty towards the company. Fortunately, there are dozens of ways to award your employees for a job...
    By Tricia Goss September 30, 2011 

  • Using New Tools to Attract and Retain Multigenerational Talent

    Attracting, hiring and retaining multigenerational employees requires effort and planning to address the work styles of each generation. Use these techniques to prevent loss of intellectual capital, and avoid rehiring and retraining costs.
    By Tara Duggan August 31, 2011 

  • Employees Burnt Out? Engage and Excite Them Again

    One of the worst things about on-the-job boredom and fatigue is that your best workers are those most likely to experience it. Don't risk losing your star employees to burnout. Turn things around before it is too late.
    By Tricia Goss August 12, 2011 

  • Give Your Teams Some Incentives to Spark Productivity

    Do you have a reward program in place for project teams? If not, here are some great ideas to get you started. They're simple, effective, and can be a lot of fun to put together. Here find not one but 30, yes 30 ideas all will appreciate!
    By Mike Sweeney June 21, 2011 

  • How Workplace Culture is Changing

    These days, the workplace is not the same as it was in our parent’s day. If one considers how the workplace culture is changing compared to past years, the answer is a lot! Jean Scheid takes a look at this change along with tips on how to improve...
    By Jean Scheid June 2, 2011 

  • A Review of the Various Types of Profit Sharing Agreements

    Profit sharing is a type of a variable pay plan where the company designates a part of its profits to the employees. Profit sharing agreements makes explicit the formula for allocating and distributing profits, the nature of the payout, and the periods...
    By N Nayab May 26, 2011 

  • Offering Cash Incentives for an Employee Quit Smoking Promotion

    Does offering employee quit smoking cash incentives work? If yes, what are the intricacies implications of such a scheme? If no, why? Read on to find out.
    By N Nayab May 25, 2011 

  • Motivate Your Workforce With Weekly Rewards: Try These 10 Ideas

    Your employees work hard for the company. It's only fair that you reward them for that work and help motivate them to keep up those great efforts. Find simple and cost-effective incentives to reward them on a regular basis.
    By Alison Moxley May 19, 2011 

  • Critical Issues Concerning Total Employee Compensation

    Employee compensation ranks among the most critical functions of an enterprise. Apparently a straightforward exercise, this exercise is complicated and contains many underlying issues. Read on for critical issues concerning total employee compensation...
    By N Nayab May 19, 2011 
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