Change Management

How do you deal with change in your business? Whether you’re negotiating layoffs and downsizing, or bringing on a new member things are rarely static in a healthy organization. Read articles and tips on change management whether your business is going through a change in ownership or proceedings, consolidation and other large events as well as day to day scenarios.

10 Reasons for Restructuring a Company

There are several reasons you may have to reorganize the operations and other structures of the organization. Restructuring a company can improve efficiency, keep technology up to date, or implement strategic or governance changes made by, or mandated to, company owners.

Organizational Restructuring: Strategies and Examples

No business can continue to function in the same way forever. With changing times and changing business conditions, restructuring is one of the options for a business to stay on track. Here’s a quick look at how businesses have used restructuring to come out of difficult situations.

How To Counter Resistance to Change in the Workplace

Change resistance is a natural human tendency, for change involves altering the accustomed-to status quo. Human resource managers and business owners looking to drive the organization to new heights need to forge strategies and make a concentrated effort to overcome employees stonewalling change.

The Impact of Leadership Theories and Organizational Change

Leadership theories and organizational change strategies enable leaders to improve processes and profitability. Managers lead by establishing standards and setting a good example. They communicate a clear vision, set strategic goals and motivate employees to produce quality products and services.

Why Do Organizational Change Efforts Often Fail?

Ever been involved in an organizational change effort which failed? Then you may recognize some of the eight common reasons in this article. Whether you’re a CEO or a change management advisor, you can take this opportunity to learn from others’ mistakes before you embark on your own change program.

Real Examples of Succession Planning Strategies that Work

Examples of succession planning programs that are being implemented with relative success best describe the principles and significance of this management concept. Find out how two entrepreneurs applied these concepts: One has no formal policy while the other recognizes it as part of his system.