Intro to Human Resources

The human resource department of an organization is responsible for hiring employees, managing staff and firing people if necessary, but the field can involve much more than that. If running a small business, there may not even be a human resource department, but duties may fall to several people.  Get the basics on working in human resources including training and managing employees, benefits, dealing with disputes and more.

10 Warning Signs of an Unhappy Employee

When employees are unhappy, productivity and the company’s reputation suffers. Some warning signs are more obvious than others, but once they become a pattern in combination with other habits, the manager needs to make changes to ensure the unhappiness does not become contagious and systemic.

Some of the More Challenging Trends for Supervisors

The increasing infusion of technology in the workplace and the new behavioral approach to management empower individual employees and cause challenging trends for supervisors. Supervisors have to adapt to changed requirements and add value to their jobs to survive.

Impact of Average HR Attrition Rates: Industry Trends

HR managers handling a global workforce must increasingly fill jobs quickly to meet demand. However, finding the right people to fulfill job requirements, keeping motivation levels high and supporting the workforce in completing repetitive work, is challenging. Fight attrition by analyzing trends.

The Effectiveness of Diversity in the Workplace

Having a wide variety of employee talent and background increases the effectiveness of diversity in the workplace. One demographic can only appeal to a very limited audience. As the world of globalization in terms of customer base increases, it is crucial for a business to keep up with the curve!

Top Ten Workplace Fire Safety Tips

You know how important it is to keep the workplace safe and secured. Fire is a big threat to the safety of employees, buildings, machinery, everything. Let me share some very useful workplace fire safety tips with you to make sure that you can take every step possible to prevent fire.

Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace

Recognize the potential for retaliation in the workplace before supervisors or managers act on it. Guard the company from incurring liability that may be arising from taking adverse actions brought on by protected activities.

How to Prevent Sick Leave Abuse

If you own a company or are the head of the HR department, then you understand how costly employee absences due to illness can be. This article provides four tips for getting to the bottom of and preventing sick leave abuse.

Avoid the Legal Risks of Profanity in the Workplace

Profanity in the workplace forces the human resources team to walk a tight rope. Part protected speech and part a lawsuit waiting to happen, the cussing, cursing and vulgarity that come with profanity are difficult to integrate in everyday professionalism. Instituting a ‘no profanity’ rule can work.