Intro to Human Resources

The human resource department of an organization is responsible for hiring employees, managing staff and firing people if necessary, but the field can involve much more than that. If running a small business, there may not even be a human resource department, but duties may fall to several people.  Get the basics on working in human resources including training and managing employees, benefits, dealing with disputes and more.

Reference Books for HR Managers

Human resources is a small term for a broad function within an organization and HR managers are expected to execute every nuance of their role perfectly. A great way to keep up with what is going on in the HR world is to read some of the many books published on the subject each year.

Tips on How to Tell an Employee: “No Bonus This Year”

Many business owners who regularly give out annual bonuses may have to stop them due to tough economic times. If this is your business, how do you break it to your hard-working staff when they often they depend on those bonuses each year? Jean Scheid offers some advice for the business owner.

The Office Flu Shot: Make It Happen!

Flu season typically begins in October, and employers are bracing themselves for the upcoming flu season. Flu-related employee absence costs companies millions of dollars every year. Companies can greatly reduce these costs by being proactive and offering free flu shots to employees.

The Repercussions of Lying to Employees

Mark Twain once said, “If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.” This wise bit of advice can help you in the workplace, but if you’re not completely convinced, you might want to check out these valid reasons for why you shouldn’t lie or mislead your employees.

How to Define the Role of the Supervisor in Your Business

The role of the supervisor is to, well, oversee things, right? Wrong! While task- and staff supervision is part of the job description, there are four additional components that the professional must possess and perform to meet business needs in today’s changing economy. Do you know what they are?

Top Distractions at the Office: Causes and Solutions

The top distractions at the office are more deeply rooted and extensive than you give them credit for. Adding insult to injury, you are probably contributing to some of them — in the name of savings and employee productivity! What faulty logic has led to this trend? How can you turn things around?

Make Office Break Room Designs More Functional

Office break room designs frequently fail to accomplish the basic function for which the space is allocated – providing a restful area for workers to recharge and eat meals. Returning the space to its functionality is possible without spending a lot of money, if you are willing to make some changes.