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Tips for Managing People You Don't Like

written by: Vikas Vij•edited by: Elizabeth Wistrom•updated: 11/23/2010

Wish to know how to manage people you do not like? Check out these five classic tips that can help you to handle difficult people whom you cannot afford to ignore or avoid in your everyday business.

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    Tips for Managing People You Don't Like

    Managing People Who Bother You The litmus test of your people management skills comes when you are required to deal with people who bother you. If you know how to manage people you do not like, it is a great asset that you can use effectively for your organization. In business there can be situations where you have a brilliant employee or a major client who are crucial to the success of your business and you have to deal with them on an ongoing basis. But at a personal level you may have a dislike for them for some reason. Here are some good tips covering how to manage people you do not like, skilfully.

    1. Do not Express Your Feelings Bluntly

    Business is not a field for excessive candor. It is a field for artful diplomacy and tact. Therefore, do not let the other person know directly that you do not like him. Truth can be bitter, and when it is entirely unnecessary, you must avoid speaking an unpleasant truth. Therefore, keep a lid over your emotions even in a stressful situation when dealing with such an individual.

    2. Encourage and Appreciate Generously

    If you know how to manage people you do not like, you will know the cardinal rule that objectivity must prevail over personal emotion. Make it a point to be objective about the individual’s positive side, and be generous in your appreciation whenever that person does something good for the business. This helps to reduce tensions and allows the other person to warm up to you. Once that happens, your personal dislike for that individual is also bound to reduce.

    3. Remember That You Cannot Change Others

    Do not make unnecessary attempts to advise, lecture or argue with that person to change himself on the issues that you dislike about him. As long as his behavior is not detrimental to the organization’s interests, you need not bother about changing the individual’s personal nature or characteristics. Also, remember that the only person you can actually change is yourself.

    4. Try to Know More About the Individual

    One of the best ways to manage people you do not like is to try and know more about their background. This can help you to understand their behavior or attitude in a better way. Observe how others engage with that person, and what the view of others is about him. The more you learn about a person the better will be your tolerance level with him because you will know why he does what he does.

    5. Be Kind and Helpful

    The best way to finish an adversary is to turn him into a friend. This is most relevant advice when it comes to managing difficult people. In business you cannot afford to allow your energies to get distracted in unproductive activities or situations. Therefore, for the long term benefits of your organization, the ideal way to manage a person you do not like is to try and build bridges with him. Whenever that person is in dire need of help, you can be empathetic with him and help him at a crucial moment. That can transform the situation forever and create a fresh relationship with that person.

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