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New to Human Resources? Take Our Quiz & Test Your HR Vocabulary Knowledge

written by: Sylvia Cochran•edited by: Michele McDonough•updated: 10/20/2016

New to the wild and wooly world of human resources management? Think you know what the boss is looking for? Wondering if you are deciphering the worker’s cryptic note correctly? Test your knowledge and learn a few HR terms in the process.

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    Why a Quiz?

    Human resources management is a highly specialized field that actively pursues the goal of maintaining and managing a company’s workforce. Make a mistake, and employee retention is jeopardized. Err on the other side, and executive management faces expensive suits or compliance-related fines. Understanding field-appropriate terminology is a key-factor for any HR worker’s aptitude to act as liaison between worker and employer; this quiz reinforces some of the most important terms.

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    The HR Vocabulary Challenge

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