Human Resources

The Human Resource Department of an organization is responsible for managing employees, hiring, firing, training and everything in between. Depending on the size of the business, there may be one human resource manager to handle all of this, a whole team, or the small business owner who does it all. Whether you’re a student researching your options, at the top of your field, or hiring your first employee, find the answers to your questions at our Human Resource Channel.
Read articles, opinion and stories from professionals and peers to help you successfully manage your team. We’ll walk you through hiring the perfect person, determining salary and preparing interview questions. We also discuss method of employee training, building a team environment, rewarding star employees (even on a small budget) and motivating your team.
Human Resource Mangers need a thorough understanding of labor laws, the rights of their business as well as their employees in the cases of maternity leave, workman’s compensation claims, unemployment benefits and other issues. You’ll find tips and advice to deal with harassment or discrimination charges, managing disputes and handling complaints at work.
Human Resources is a broad and growing field with many topics and facets to explore. Get started with reading Bright Hub’s informative articles and advice. Be part of the conversation by commenting on articles and sharing your opinion.

Try This Quick Quiz on FMLA Rules and Regulations

Are you up to date on your understanding of the provisions associated with FMLA? Regulations carefully outline acceptable and unacceptable business practices. Even so, there is ample room for misinterpretation. Take the quiz and fill knowledge gaps quickly.

How Employee Engagement Relates to Customer Loyalty

Establishing customer loyalty increases a business’s revenues. To gain customer loyalty, businesses focus on prices and customer rewards. However, the attitudes and investment of a business’s employees has a significant and important impact on customer loyalty that should not be ignored.

Reference Books for HR Managers

Human resources is a small term for a broad function within an organization and HR managers are expected to execute every nuance of their role perfectly. A great way to keep up with what is going on in the HR world is to read some of the many books published on the subject each year.

Guide to Making New Employees Feel Like Part of the Team

Once you’ve made a job offer and completed the hiring process, the job of employee retention begins. Get advice here for introducing and onboarding new employees. Learn how to coach and mentor them and integrate them into company committees that harness their interest and input over the long term.

What to Ask During an Exit Interview

Are you wondering what the right questions are to ask during an employee exit interview? Look no further! Here you will learn a thorough line of questioning and get a better understanding of how these interviews can help the organization make better choices for its employees.

10 Methods to Reduce Employee Turnover

Do your employees come and go like your organization is a revolving door? Are you looking for the best methods to keep them loyal, happy and invested in their positions? Look no further, because here you will find a list of the top ten methods for reducing employee turnover.

Jury Duty & Voting: What Are an Employer’s Obligations?

So your employee has been called to jury duty. Or, he or she wants to cause an upheaval in the political infrastructure by voting. Understanding your employee’s rights and responsibilities related to these civic duties, as well as your obligations and rights related to these processes, is vital.

Bookmark This Guide to Nurturing Job Satisfaction

Nurturing job satisfaction typically involves accurately assessing employee needs, promoting effective programs that enable career development and ensuring workers have the training, resources and support to succeed on the job. Learn more in this must-bookmark guide!