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  • Tools to Help Claim the Home Office Deduction

    Claiming a home office deduction can save you BIG on your taxes. But, the IRS doesn't like it when people try and fake a home office. However, only a fool passes up a deduction that they qualify for. Use these tools to help support your home office...
    By Brian Nelson July 5, 2011 

  • QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition 2009 Review

    A free, easy to use version of QuickBooks? Sign me up, or, is this another worthless limited software edition designed to make me shell out for the more expensive version?
    By Brian Nelson July 5, 2011 

  • How To Use QuickBooks Simple Start Free for Home Office

    Running a business out of a home office can be rewarding and challenging. Keeping the books though can get old and boring fast. Use QuickBooks Simple Start Free to make it easy without breaking the bank.
    By Brian Nelson July 5, 2011 

  • Home Office Accounting Software Made Easy

    There are two kinds of Home Office users. One kind has a regular corporate job with a company and they are allowed to work remotely for some or all of their work week. The other kind owns their own business which they run out of a home office. This...
    By Brian Nelson July 5, 2011 

  • Guide to Intuit’s QuickBooks Product Line

    Intuit’s popular QuickBooks product is the standard for many businesses, accountants, and tax professionals. Which edition makes the most sense for the home office?
    By Brian Nelson July 5, 2011 

  • Less Accounting Application For Your Small Business

    Tracking your company’s expenses is one of the first principles for stellar financial success and saving cash during tax time. Less Accounting web-based application is perfect for freelancers and business owners looking for a simple streamlined...
    By Ange P. July 5, 2011 

  • Do Not Delay on Estimated Tax Payments

    As the adage goes, there are only two certainties in life: death and taxes. All individuals and entities who anticipate paying more than $1000 in taxes over withholding needs to pay estimated taxes. Paying late can lead to penalties and other...
    By N Nayab June 30, 2011 

  • Save Money Online: Free Deals For Small Business

    Find free deals on the web to cut costs and manage your business more efficiently.
    By JMendes June 28, 2011 

  • Winter Energy Saving Tips for the Home Office

    There are lots of ways to save money on your winter home office energy bills. Learn how here.
    By JMendes June 28, 2011 

  • How to Use Quicken Online to Manage Your Money & Expenses

    Quicken Online has a free tool that can help anyone manage their money and expenses better. Fully compatible with the iPhone bill payment reminders and budget alerts are sent straight to your cell as a text message. Learn about their new online community...
    By Ange P. June 28, 2011 
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