Tax Tips & Software Reviews

Taxes get more and more complicated as you grow older. Having to put in claims for your home office is especially tedious, or at least it can be if you’re tax-phobic. Try these great tax tips and tax software reviews to save yourself from a nasty audit after April.

TurboTax Free Federal Income Tax Advice

This year, Intuit is offering its vaunted TurboTax product for free to start. Fill out all the fields, let TurboTax do all the calculations and see the results, all for free. Use this promotion to help calculate your home office tax deduction, even if you don’t use TurboTax!

Invoicing for Freelance Work

You have worked diligently for weeks on a project, submitted the job (on time), and then the wait begins. Submitting and tracking invoices is a tedious task. Stay organized and it will help with collecting when pay day arrives.

How to Deduct Home Office Equipment Expenses from Your Taxes

Deducting expenses for your home office can be complicated. One of the more confusing areas is determining just what equipment you can write off — and for how much. The IRS has tons of information on the topic, but it can be difficult to sort through all the deductions offered to businesses.

Home Office Accounting Software Made Easy

There are two kinds of Home Office users. One kind has a regular corporate job with a company and they are allowed to work remotely for some or all of their work week. The other kind owns their own business which they run out of a home office. This is for them.

Use These Tools to Help Claim Home Office Tax Deduction

Claiming a home office deduction can save you BIG on your taxes. But, the IRS doesn’t like it when people try and fake a home office. However, only a fool passes up a deduction that they qualify for. Use these tools to help support your home office tax deduction.

Claiming Home Office Space Deductions on Your Taxes

The IRS allows a reasonable number of deductions for expenses associated with maintaining a home office. Learn about which deductions are allowed and how you can lower your tax liability by claiming expenses from operating a home office or business.