Tax Tips & Software Reviews

Taxes get more and more complicated as you grow older. Having to put in claims for your home office is especially tedious, or at least it can be if you’re tax-phobic. Try these great tax tips and tax software reviews to save yourself from a nasty audit after April.

Sole Proprietor Tax Planning 101: A Resource Guide

Simply mentioning business taxes, IRS audits or corporate taxation issues can strike fear into the most business savvy entrepreneur. Many small business owners do not realize what deductions are available nor do they understand that a mere $400 in earnings is required to be claimed as income.

Download a Free Standard Receipt Template

The Internal Revenue Service mandates individuals and firms to issue receipts for any payment received for services rendered. A receipt is an indispensable document in any business transaction. Download a free standard receipt template from the Bright Hub Media Gallery.

Free Printable Receipt or Form for Work Completed

When you are a service provider a good practice to get into is handing out a printable receipt or form for completed work. This is especially useful when you need to split jobs into multiple time frames. Find a free printable receipt or form for completed work right here!

Options for Electronic Filing of Federal Estimated Tax

Businesses and self-employed individuals are required to pay federal estimated taxes throughout the year. The great news is there are options for the electronic filing of federal estimated taxes to make filing quick and easy. The IRS controls electronic filing to keep it as secure as possible.

Free Sample of a Blank Taxi Cab Receipt: Download and Use Today

Driving a taxi is a lucrative business. Most customers simply tell you where they want to go and hand you the fare when you arrive at their destination. There are times when a customer may require proof of the trip and cost for business expenses. You can use a blank taxi cab receipt to record it.

5 Receipt Scanners For the Home Office

Receipt scanners are one of the best ways for home businesses to organize and manage their paper records. Once you have a good receipt scanner and software in place, filing your taxes becomes easier. Learn about the top 5 receipt scanners and see which one best suits your home office needs.

Tips When Facing an IRS Audit & Missing Receipts

Proving your expenses for an IRS audit when you’re missing receipts may not be easy, but it can be done. They key lies in knowing where to start. You may need to collect affidavits from vendors you’ve purchased things from, and there’s some other legwork you’ll need to know about.

What Mileage is Tax Deductible for 2011?

It’s that time of year again, when people begin to sweat and hide out in the basement of their home. No, Aunt Frieda isn’t visiting; it’s tax season! It’s a new year and a new round of people trying to figure out how much they spent on what. So let’s learn what mileage is tax deductible.

Tax Help for the Self Employed – How to Pay Taxes as You Go

There is one major difference according to the IRS between an employee and employer and who pays what portion of tax on earned income. Self-employed persons are required to pay all of the tax on earned income. Tax from earned income is labeled as a pay-as-you-go tax meaning you pay as you earn it.