Staying Organized

Use these great reviews and articles on the lastest organizational software, gadgets, and tips to help keep your home office effective and efficient and to keep you organized. Never lose an invoice or an e-mail again.

Learn How To Organize Your Home Office Files

As 2009 begins, many home office professionals realize that they need a new way to keep their information organized for ease of access. Not only will this make it less frustrating to find much needed information, but it will save time. Learn easy ways to organize your home office files.

Move Computer Emails to Gmail for Anywhere Access

Use Outlook? Thunderbird? Eudora? Some other email application? You can move all those emails out of them into Gmail. Why? Because you can connect to Gmail from anywhere outside your home office. All you need is a computer and internet connection and Gmail is there for you.

Stop Putting up with Bad Email Subject Lines

Email subject lines are not only for the person receiving email, but also for you. Do you want to open every email message trying to find a specific email? Better subject lines help you scan your email for what you need when the search tool fails.

The Risks And Opportunities Of Information Technology

In your home or small office, the most important and valuable asset is almost certainly your information: your contacts, your knowledge, in some cases, your entire business is the information you hold. In the good old days, you could keep it safe with a large padlock, but no longer!

Backup Your Computer Data and Protect Your Business

Home office users often overlook the critical aspect of backing up the data on their computer’s hard drive, placing their trust on the reliability of their system. It isn’t until their system crashes that reality sets in and problems arise. Here’s a look at simple tools to ease the backup process.

How to Share a Home Office

We all wish we had a spacious, pristine home office with everything we need in reach and nothing superfluous in our way. Learning to carve out some individual space for everyone in your office will actually help you in maintaining your own.

Cheap Ideas to Organize Home Office Paperwork

Many people think that they have to purchase expensive file cabinets and systems in order to organize all of the paperwork in their home office. However, with just a few simple items anyone can organize their papers for under $50.