Professional Development

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Is Working with Transactional Leaders Successful?

Transactional leadership is a contemporary leadership style that places rewards and punishment contingent on performance. Working with transactional leaders suits subordinates who prefer stability and routine, whereas high achievers and innovators usually do not get along well with such leaders.

Characterstics of Quiet Leaders

Quiet leaders are invisible, realistic, practical, and tenacious. You will recognize one if you watch for a task-oriented leader who keeps an open mind, makes informed decisions, and adopts a collaborative style by making compromises.

Differences in Gender Communication Styles

Whether in the home office or the multinational corporation, differences in gender communication styles greatly affect style and quality of teamwork. Understanding the differences and recognizing how to communicate in spite of gender barriers makes it possible to prevent miscommunication.

Negotiation Strategy and Process: Important Points to Consider

Negotiations should be a give and take process that leaves both parties feeling as if they were treated fairly. Unfortunately, this key concept is often lost in the process of negotiating. This article discusses strategies that can make negotiating the first step in building a lasting relationship.

Leadership Styles and Communication

Different leadership styles should be used based on the situation at hand. There will be times when one type of leadership style will work better than others. Authoritarian, Democratic, or Laissez faire leadership styles are a few to consider.

Examples of Leadership Skill-Building Activities

Providing leadership skill building activities helps managers tap potential leaders. Develop your employees’ leadership skills by empowering them, giving them a chance to make decisions, and by encouraging them to pursue personal growth.