Professional Development

Bright Hub’s home office channel offers content developed specifically for sole proprietors, freelance professionals, small business owners and telecommuters who work from the comfort and convenience of their home office. Discover tips and advice on keeping your skills at their sharpest with this collection of articles on professional development and growth.

A Home Office Guide to Personal & Professional Development

Personal and professional development is the sum of how an individual manages his or her affairs, including time and effort to ensure sound future prospects while ensuring optimal work output at the same time. Such considerations assume critical importance for home workers who are on their own.

Planning and Goal Setting Strategies: 10 Must Have Tips

Linking your personal goals to your business goals is an important strategy and helps ensure they are mutually achieved. Creating a goal setting strategy that encompasses planning is a key first step to successfully reaching your goals. This article reviews ten key strategies.

Home Office: 10 Best Books for Inspiration and Self Help

The best books for inspiration and self-help for home office workers are here and it is a motley crew. Although these titles may seem like “one is not like the other,” they all benefit the home office worker whether he needs a design plan, eco-friendly advice or just some serious ‘Om’ time–read on.

Making the Announcement to Clients of Job Change

Making a change to your business or even changing businesses is a big commitment and can be time consuming for you and your employees. But what about your clients? By making the announcement to clients of job changes, such as moving or additions, keeps them happy. Here’s how.

10 Great Volunteer Ideas for the Self-Employed

You know the joys of setting your own work schedule, designing your office the way you want and best of all, being your own boss. Working at home does have drawbacks, though, such as the lack of social interaction. These volunteer ideas are a great way to not only get out but also give back.

Find an Outstanding Professional Development Log Template Here

Keeping a log of your professional development activities can be extremely beneficial, especially for the home office worker. By keeping such a log, you can be sure that you have a record of different activities. This article provides you with a professional development log template you can use.

Does Managerial Theory Work for the Home Office Worker?

For workers who do most of their work in the home, managerial theory may seem like something that can only apply to their office counterparts. But the different managerial approaches, such as Maslow and Herzberg, can actually relate to the home worker.

Find out how in this article.

How in the World Can Social Networking Help Home Businesses?

With the explosion of social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace, some may think these are just for speaking with family and friends. However, if used correctly, these sites can actually help your business. Can social networking help home businesses?

Read on to see how!