Productivity Tips

Is your mind wandering and your work not getting done fast enough when you work from home? Try these great productivity tips, tricks, guides and how-to articles to help you get back to the task at hand.

Key Factors That Shape Effective Goal Setting

Goals provide direction and purpose to an endeavor. Effective goal setting involves formulating specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound objectives, or listing out tasks to complete, aimed at achieving things and changing behavior.

Why Weather Affects Work Productivity

Productivity is essential to success. Whether working for a Fortune 500 company or self-employed, everyone needs to be productive. It does not matter if we like it or not, weather affects work productivity, in both good ways and in bad ways. Weather can determine high or low motivation as well.

A Guide to Personal Productivity in the Home Office

Productivity is the amount of output per unit of input. In work context, it refers to the output in the given time or for the salary. A major objective of working from home is to boost productivity, but this need not always happen. Read on for a home worker’s guide to personal productivity.

How to Achieve Home Office Job Enrichment

Achieving job enrichment is a very important aspect for any office worker, but what about those with a home office? In this article, learn how an employee stationed in the living room can have home office job enrichment.

Improving Your Productivity Work Ethic

If you work at home, then you know how difficult it can be at times to get things done. Part of getting things done at home means increasing your productivity work ethic. Learn how to stay focused and increase your output when working at home in this Bright Hub article.

Tips for Email Personal Productivity

Instead of being overwhelmed by your inbox, use email to get more done. Email needs vary. In a home office, business and personal emails may even bombard you at the same time. Review these tips to check, respond and file email and apply the ones that will improve your personal productivity.

Tips On How Relaxation and Productivity Go Hand In Hand

From relaxation methods to the 80/20 rule, there are many ways to fit relaxation into your workday. Your productivity will reach new levels and you will wonder why you never focused on this key ingredient to a healthy work life. Find out more about relaxation and productivity and their benefits.