Use Online Tools and Applications to Enhance Mobility

Use Microsoft Office Live, Windows Live, Windows Live Workspace, Google Applications, Open Office, and more, to enhance productivity, communications, and mobility in your home office. Create your own web site to market your business. Do more; be more productive; be mobile!

The Best Extensions for Firefox 3 – and one for Firefox 2

Firefox 3 supports extensions, which are features you can add to the browser to make your online sessions faster and more productive. This article provides a quick guide to finding and installing extensions. We also discuss a security extension for Firefox 2 users that’s built-in to Firefox 3.

How to Use Windows Live Mail

Windows Mail ships with Vista, but Windows Live Mail is a web-based alternative and offers lots more features. Windows Live Mail is a Microsoft Live Service, so it integrates seamlessly with other Live Services like Live Contacts, Live Messenger, and more.