Use Online Tools and Applications to Enhance Mobility

Use Microsoft Office Live, Windows Live, Windows Live Workspace, Google Applications, Open Office, and more, to enhance productivity, communications, and mobility in your home office. Create your own web site to market your business. Do more; be more productive; be mobile!

Springnote Review: Online Note Taking Tool

Note taking has just been made easier. Springnote is a free online word processing application that lets users quickly take notes while viewing multiple pages. This savvy streamline application is perfect for students and professionals.

Use Microsoft Word To Create A Simple Compliant Web Page

In spite of Microsoft Word’s bad reputation when it comes to web development, it can be used as a way of producing lean standards compliant HTML code. You just have to think a bit creatively. This article will show you how to produce simple high quality web pages in Word.

A Review of the XnView Freeware Image Editor

There are many image editing programs available from serious professional applications such as Photoshop through to the Paint application which has always been part of Windows. Free applications include the Gimp, but I have always found this difficult to use, so I prefer XnView.

Using the Views Module in Drupal Content Management System

A content management system is a database. As such its power lies in the processing of data, in this case the content of the web site. Drupal provides the Views module to query the content of the database and generate bespoke datasets which can provided as pages, blocks or RSS feeds.

How to Install Drupal on your PC

Drupal is a powerful open source content management system. But how easy is it for an intermediate web user without experience of PHP and MySQL to use? This article reviews the installation process on a Vista PC. Later articles will review the development of my site in Drupal.

How to Build a Web Site with Drupal: Experiences of a New User

This article is a review of Drupal the open source content management system. It covers building a web site. It is not a comprehensive review of the many features of Drupal, rather a review of its usefulness for an intermediate user with no prior knowledge of PHP and mySQL.

Go minimal with PowerPoint

Ensure that the presentation graphics enhance your presentation. Too often, the graphics can get in the way of a good flowing presentation. Worse, the speaker simply reads the slides out. Remember! Less is more!

Home Businesses Web Design Templates

If you want to develop an online presence for your business, but don’t have time to take a Web design course or hire a professional to do the work, free Web design templates can be a resource to consider.