Home Office Setup

Is your home office the bane of your existence? Looking to get organized or become more efficient? Here are the tips, guides, or suggestions you need to set up your home office effectively.

How Can Groove 2007 Help Me Collaborate with Team Members?

You may have seen the application in the new 2007 Microsoft Office line up but have you wondered what Groove is all about? Groove 2007 is team collaboration software that allows you to communicate with team members online. Learn the basics of Groove 2007 and how it can help you collaborate.

What to Do with Unused and Unwanted Computer Equipment

When you’re ready to let go of broken or unwanted printers, black and white Web cams, digital cameras, and old computers, don’t just toss them in the trash. That’s no good for the environment. There are lots of ways to be green and keep this material out of our landfills and oceans.