Home Office Setup

Is your home office the bane of your existence? Looking to get organized or become more efficient? Here are the tips, guides, or suggestions you need to set up your home office effectively.

Innovative Home Office Shelving

Is your home office cluttered with books, stacks of paper and office supplies? It sometimes seems no matter how many filing cabinets or how much desktop space you add to your office, it’s never enough to meet the demand. The addition of home office shelving may be the answer to your clutter problem.

Best Home Office Design – Compact Spaces & How to Use Them

When it comes to home office design, compact spaces are often a major constraint. But that’s OK, because there are many solutions to get the most out of whatever space you can carve out for your home office. It may be challenging, but you can create a very satisfying home office with little space.

Home Based Business Office Setup Organizing Tips

Working from home is a dream for many people that is now becoming a reality for those who are diligent in looking for opportunities. One of the most overlooked things on working from home is having an effective work space. This article will give you some insight in getting started.

Sample Home Office Floor Plans for Small Spaces

Home offices are generally difficult to layout. Due to lack of space, efficient use of space is essential to your floor plan. Take the time to draw out your idea and decide what will work within the area of your home office. Remember to add decorative touches that are also functional.

How to Build Your Own Home Office Desks

The best options on how to build your own home office desks include 1) self-manufacturing; 2) innovation and improvising with existing materials; 3) buying from second hand good stores; and 4) approaching offices undergoing renovations. Find out here which solution will work best for you.

Little Known Home Office Ergonomic Seating Options

Alternative home office ergonomic seating options include the kneeling chair and also the saddle chair. Do these remarkable ergonomic seating system examples warrant a second look? For the overweight, and those disappointed with standard office furniture, they might.