Home Office Setup

Is your home office the bane of your existence? Looking to get organized or become more efficient? Here are the tips, guides, or suggestions you need to set up your home office effectively.

One-Stop Guide to Designing the Perfect Home Office

For those who are considering a home office, there are many things to think about. This includes space considerations, budgets and more. Make the most out of your home office by reviewing some of this information and deciding what works best for your individual needs.

Tips on Making Your Home Office High Tech

With telecommuting and home based businesses now the norm rather than an exception, much interest centers on how to work productively and efficiently from home. Setting up a high tech home with the latest technology is a critical step in this direction.

A Look at the Options for Computer Desks for a Home Office

You may think that your computer equipment, your filing system and your printer are going to be the most important tools in your home office. Not so fast! Your desk is more critical. Understanding the various styles, sizes and colors of computer desks for a home office is important.

10 Steps in Adding a Home Office

There are a lot of different things to think about when adding a home office. Get your home office done right the first time by creating a plan before you set up your work space.

Designing a Cozy Home Office & Loving It: 10 Top Tips

Does your home office give you the blues? Designing a cozy home office isn’t just about the decor. It improves productivity, health, and mood. Want to know how? Read these 10 tips to designing a cozy home office and keep those blues on the radio where they belong.

Clever Storage Solutions for the Home Office

Have you ever looked for a document in your home office but have been unable to find it? Most probably, you find it by accident–often days later. What you need are great storage solutions for your home office. Your job will be a lot easier if you know exactly where everything is stored!