Using QuickBooks To Create A Company Profile

Home-based businesses that would like to use accounting software can create their company information and store it within QuickBooks. This article will detail how to create a home-based company profile to track your financial information.

To first get started double click on the QuickBooks icon on your desktop. If there is no icon on your desktop, you can also click “Start” in the taskbar, click programs, and search the QuickBooks program.

  • After the QuickBooks program has opened, go to “File”, and press the button for "New Company".

  • The software will then prompt you to press, "Start" to create your new company within QuickBooks.

  • A new window will open called "Easy Step Interview", and it will provide useful information on how to get started using QuickBooks to create a new company profile. The "Easy Step Interview" allows you to select your level of experience with accounting software, and provide details about your company. This is a great starting point for anyone who is new to QuickBooks.

  • Press the "Skip Interview" button, and a new window opens entitled "Creating A New Company".

  • In the "Creating A New Company" window take time to fill in the details for your home business. Add the company's name, address, email address, and business website (if you have one). There are also empty fields to input the first month of your fiscal and income tax year, or the type of Income Tax Form Used.

  • After you have successfully typed in these details, press "Next" to go the succeeding page.

The next page will then want you to input the type of company on the left hand side of the window. This is necessary, as the software will be geared towards which industry sector you are located in.

  • Also choose various QuickBooks accounts on the right side of the window, based on the company type that has been selected. e.g. Retained Earnings, Contributions, Insurance, etc.

If you business type is not listed or too obscure, then it is advised to just select the "General Business" category. Then choose "Next" to continue onwards.

Afterwards, it will ask you to save the data about your new company. Choose a name you can remember and save the file in "My Documents" for easy access, and you're done!