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The Green Home Office: A Review of Green Services and Products: Green Printing Services

written by: Niki Fears•edited by: Jean Scheid•updated: 6/28/2011

A review of printing services that use environmentally friendly materials and practices to give you greener options for your printing services.

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    As the decline of the environment progresses it is getting harder for the world to just sit by and do nothing about our ailing planet. Thankfully, we are starting to see a lot of people who are becoming more environmentally minded; working to find ways to lessen our impact on the environment and to create more sustainable societies. To this end, there are also a lot of green companies that are now offering great services and products that can help you to make your home office greener. In this series we will take a look at many of these great services and products to help you get your work done while helping the planet at the same time.

    For the first part of our series of reviews of green products and services we are looking at two great environmentally friendly printing companies that are offering quality services for your home office needs while doing their part to help the green effort.

    Green Printer: Green Printer is a green certified business that runs entirely off of wind power, uses recycled paper, and prints with non-toxic soy ink. They offer printing services including business cards, brochures, post cards, newsletters, catalogs, and more while delivering high quality service at a reasonable price.

    Visit their web site at:

    Green Printer Online: Not to be confused with the above mentioned printing service, Green Printer Online offers you great prices such as 500 full colored business cards for only $59.00. They also print post cards, book marks, rack cards, calendars, brochures, booklets, catalogs, and more. Using only vegetable based inks, recycled materials, and water free printing, Green Printer Online is a great choice for environmentally friendly printing services.

    Their web site is located at:

    Other main stream printing services such as Print For Less ( and 4over4 ( are also offering greener options for consumers, some times only upon request, but they are at least starting to change their policies so that their businesses are making less of an impact on the environment. The company 4 over 4 even has a tree planting initiative for green orders (you can read about this at: The more customers that turn to green options, the more companies will realize that they can no longer continue with the status quo in their operations. So we should be seeing even more green options becoming available, but for now you still have some great choices so be sure to check them out for your printing needs.